Natural Gas Load Forecasting for Your Business!


Not only do we offer natural gas load forecasting we also offer additional consulting services to meet your needs.

On Demand Natural Gas Load Forecasting

Our proven models using the latest data science available will beat whatever internal tool you are currently using.

Back Testing

We will happily estimate the projected error for your load using stored past forecasts.

Model Customizations

We will tweak models as requested by clients for an additional fee.

Custom Variables

Clients are able to also provide custom variables that they understand have an impact on load for an additional fee.

API Access

Manage all your needs without having to manually enter or retrieve data.

Confidence Intevals

Our models are able to provide confidence intervals for every forecast we make.

What do we do?

We provide hands off accurate Natural Gas Load Forecasting directly to your email inbox.

Why Us?

Continously Updated Models

Our models update with the latest load actuals and weather to incorporate that new information into every new load forecast.

Multiple Weather Sources

Using multiple weather sources will allow you to get a range of comfort in our load forecast. Our forecast is only as accurate as the weather forecast being used.

Continual Improvement

Industry research as well as clients suggestions are taking into consideration for continual improvements of our models.


Custom pricing plans are also available, just shoot us a message.


Free Plan

  • Up to 3 pools
  • One update per day
  • Output from one model
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Regular Plan

  • Up to 5 pools
  • Outputs from multiple models
  • 3 Updates per day
  • Forecast Accuracy Report
  • Email Reports
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Premium Plan

  • Up to 10 pools
  • 3 Updates per day
  • Update on Demand
  • Forecast Accuracy Report
  • Email Reports
  • API Access
  • Tolerance Intervals
  • Premium Support
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Allow us the opportunity to beat your current forecasting method. We will not only improve you current error, you will enjoy the hands-off process.